Episode Five - Bitter Script Reader and The Echo Chamber

Bitter Script Reader

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Bitter Script Reader stops by to talk about the Internet echo chamber, "crap plus one," rape scenes in screenplays, lesbians on television, and Bitter's love for Brians Scully's script Merciful. Plus, we take our first trip through the mailbag and ask Maggie and Bitter how they got started reading scripts professionally.

Our character spotlight this week is Lee Holloway from the film Secretary.

Emily would like to remind you that her short film Tenspotting is still not fully funded, so please contribute to her Kickstarter so she can go make a movie.



An article Bitter posted on his blog about the reading process at a studio

Bitter Script Reader's Twitter account

The trailer for Emily Moss Wilson's film Drink.

Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio on "Crap Plus One"

Brian Scully's script for Merciful on the Black List website

Bitter's companion piece to this very episode

Kickstarter for Emily Blake's short film Tenspotting.